free shipping rewards Reviews – What To Know Phone Number: 1-800-869-5597 Phone Number: 1-800-869-5597 is a rewards service that enables its customers to redeem cash back rebates on shipping charges any time they shop at one of the many merchants who participate in the program online. The company has gotten tons of rave reviews and positive customer testimonials in its ten-year lifespan. In that decade, they’ve built a reputation for themselves in the promotional industry as a powerhouse. They are one of only a few big names that are widely known and widely used, and that’s because the services they offer are so practical and so easily implemented. Indeed, much of the success of the program stems from its versatility. While one person might use their free shipping and free return shipping to test out a bunch of mp3 players or cell phones from the local electronics store, another might use Instant Free Shipping at an online flower shop so that he can spend more money on his sweetheart and less on getting the flowers to her. With so many people out there getting excited about this company, you may just be looking for a comprehensive review that tells you what’s important and what to remember if you do decide to become a member. That’s what this review is intended to lay out. Continue reading